How To Page


Selling a Vehicle: Click  on the (Post an ad) button at the top of the page.


Select category - Select (Cars and Trucks) or (Auto Parts) depending on what you want to sell - example: (Cars and Trucks)

 After selecting category the (Select subcategory) comes into view. Select the manufacture of your car. example: (Tesla)


Enter Title - example: (2017 TESLA X 75D)

This field has a 150 character limit


Enter the Description - example: Showroom, and in perfect condition. Always garaged and lovingly cared by a 60 year old grandmother.

This field has a 5000 character limit. Enter as much information possible; ads with detailed and longer descriptions get more views and replies!


Price - When entering the Price in the Price field use a comma. It is U.S. currency only. Example: 38,000


Adding images to your ad - Click on the box that says Click or Drop to upload images

Use drag and drop if you want to change your primary image. The first image will be your main image.

Before you upload the images: If you want your images to be in a specific sequence than change your image file name to a number.

The first image shown in the ad will be the lowest number.

example: 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg


Region - Select a Region (State) in the drop down menu. The region is only for the United States.


City - Select a city in the drop down menu. The City will only be applicable to the previous selection Region (State)


Name - Enter your name, company name or whatever works for you in the name field.


E-mail - Enter your email address in this field. An automated e-mail will be sent to this address from with a link telling you how to edit or delete your listing.


Make - Select the make of your car. If you don't see the Make of your car. Send us your make and model through the (Contact form), and we will add it.


Model - Select the model of the car. If you don't see the Model of your car. Send us your make and model through the (Contact form), and we will add it.


Car Type - Select car type


Year - Enter the year


Doors - Select the number of doors applicable to your car.


Seats - Select the number of seats applicable to your car.


Mileage - Enter the Mileage of your car (example: 30000) Don't use commas


Engine size (cc) - Enter engine size. Example: 1600


Num. Airbags - Enter the number of Airbags if applicable


Transmission - Select the Transmission for your car.


Fuel - Select the fuel that's applicable to your car.


Seller - Select if you are a (Owner) or (Dealer)


Power - For example enter your Horse power: 500, and from the drop down select (HP)


Gears - Select the number of gears from the drop down


Warranty - Click the check box if there is a warranty


New - Click the check box if it is a new car


Youtube video

Enter the youtube url, i.e.: or



External Link URL - Link to your listing on eBay, or any other classified site.


Select (Post My Ad)


List your car for sale for free. Upload a video, and include up to 30 photos.
Link to your listing on eBay, or any other classified site.